WORKSHOPS Bobbin Lace Level 1

Bobbin Lace Weaving for Beginnersitems-002

  • Learn 2 basic moves for pairs of lace bobbins
  • Learn 4 fundamental stitches to weave numerous lace patterns
  • Lace Edgings
  • Lace motifs

Despite looking intricate and complicated, bobbin lace can be mastered by anyone who can count to four!  Using lovely little wooden bobbins and pre-marked patterns supported on a special pillow, you can create lovely linen lace edgings, medallions and insertion laces. In addition to the traditional linen threads, you can create trims and edgings in the same colourful yarns that you use to weave, knit, crochet etc.

This 2-day workshop is a fun introduction to this ancient craft. You will learn the three basic stitches from which all laces are made, then by the first afternoon you will be creating your first lace edging. At the end of the second day, you will have woven several different edgings and be well on your way into this fascinating art form.