WORKSHOPS Hand Weaving Introduction

Introduction to Hand Weaving

  • Learn to weave on simple looms like a rigid heddle or inkle loom
  • Learn how to weave on a 4-harness loom
  • Read weaving patterns and drawdowns
  • Improve skills for handling weaving shuttles, yarns, managing weft tension
  • See how you wind a warp for weaving on a loom


This one-day workshop will introduce new-comers to the wonderful world of hand-weaving. With looms already prepared for weaving, the students will get a hands-on experience of creating textiles while learning to read weaving drafts, see demo's on warping up a loom etc. They will have an opportunity to work on very simple looms such as the Inkle loom, the Rigid Heddle and Knitters Looms as well as the 4 and 8 shaft table looms. At the end of the day, the student's samples are cut off so they can take their finished pieces home with them.

Class size depends on availability of looms - approximately 6.